Board of Directors

Monthly Board Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 4:00PM. at 2911 East Highway 10, Greenwood, AR.

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About Us

In the early 1980's a few Milltown-Washburn folks put forth a tremendous effort by sending out letters to Rural Development and others to bring water to the Milltown-Washburn area.  By October 1988 we became a Rural Water Association with 129 miles of main and two storage tanks.  The Association started with a 1.2 million dollar loan and two loans of $350,000.00 (loan only) from Soil & Water.  We began selling water to 658 users, which was 42 less than the needed 700.  Our source of water is purchased from Booneville, which is from the Booneville Lake.

In 1997 the Association converted to a Public Facilities Board with a five member Board of Directors.

In 2007 Milltown-Washburn tied onto the James Fork system to give us two sources of water.

Currently the system has 300 miles of main, three (3) storage tanks and 1470 customers.

In February, 2013 we converted to a Public Water Authority.

Milltown-Washburn Water averages approximately 30 new customers a year.

With the help of some very dedicated people this system has grown into serving customers in Sebastian, Logan, and Franklin, counties.